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ESMARConf2023: Workshop 5 - Network meta-analysis using R package netmeta
Organisers: Guido Schwarzer and Gerta Rücker

The aim of this workshop is to make participants familiar with methods for performing frequentist network meta-analysis (NMA) using R package netmeta (Balduzzi et al., 2022). The workshop will be divided into a presentation of about 60 minutes followed by practical exercises with R conducted by the participants. The results of the practicals will be discussed at the end of the session. All examples come from real medical applications.

Learning objectives:
- Understand the Bucher method for indirect comparisons (Bucher et al., 1997)
- Understand the frequentist network meta-analysis model by Rücker (2012)
- Visualize the network graph
- Estimate and visualize treatment effects
- Work with common data formats for NMA

Target audience:
Participants should be familiar with statistical methods for pairwise meta-analysis.

R packages netmeta and readxl should be installed.

Mar 28, 2023 02:00 PM in London

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