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ESMARConf2023: Workshop 9 - Introduction to R Shiny
Organiser: Kaitlyn Hair

Shiny is an R package which allows you to develop interactive web applications without the need to learn HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. This workshop will walk you through the steps required to produce your own Shiny web application, making use of a sample dataset. We will discuss the fundamentals of how Shiny apps work, and the concept of inputs, and outputs, and reactivity. We will also discuss how to develop a user interface, and how to customise the layout and aesthetics for different use cases. Finally, we will discuss ways to publish Shiny applications online and share them with the world.

Learning objectives:
- Understand the building blocks of a Shiny web app
- Learn how to use different input and output options in Shiny
- Become familiar with the principles of reactive programming
- Learn how to deploy and share Shiny apps

Target audience:
Beginners (new to Shiny).

Intermediate R knowledge essential, RMarkdown knowledge is beneficial.

Mar 30, 2023 10:00 AM in London

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